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Dr. Ritz is the owner of Effingham Pelvic Health & Wellness and started her private practice in 2021.

Dr. Ritz was first exposed to the specialty of women's health and pelvic floor physical therapy while attending a conference during her didactic training at Maryville University. It was during this conference that she learned of the potential benefits that physical therapy can offer for those with pelvic health concerns.   

People were sharing their stories:

  • low back and pelvic pain postpartum that limited a mother's ability to care for her newborn

  • a lady that was unsure if she would ever be able to get married and have children due to severe pelvic pain

  • a middle age woman that was unable to continue running due to urinary leakage

  • another one with fear of going out in public due to bowel leakage

  • a male with severe abdominal and pelvic pain that made it hard to find and keep a job

  • pelvic heaviness after being up on their feet and making it hard to continue with their factory job​

It was these personal testimonies of the benefit of pelvic physical therapy that led Dr. Ritz to where she is today. The mother was able to completely eliminate her pain and care for her child, the pelvic pain, urinary and bowel leakage stopped, the runner was able to run again without incontinence. As a child, Dr. Ritz always wanted to be in a profession that could help others.  Her goal is to give hope and support to women and men that have been navigating intimate pelvic health concerns. She also strives to bring awareness to the positive impact and benefits that pelvic therapy has to offer.

As a mother of three little ones, Dr. Ritz herself has navigated through pelvic health treatment with success which has further solidified her passion for this specialized niche of health care. Dr. Ritz truly believes all postpartum mothers deserve an evaluation and individualized care/treatment in the fourth trimester.  Mothers should be educated on what they can do to prevent issues in the future. Effingham Pelvic Health & Wellness will also provide wellness services and classes to focus more on preventative care and not just tertiary care. 

Dr. Ritz is so thankful to have the opportunity to serve her hometown with this much needed specialty. She looks forward to serving you!

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